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The monthly VIP subscription includes one box each month that is selected randomly from the following boxes:


You will either receive a Grail or Grail($1099 MSRP), Gold Star($999 MSRP), Dual 2.0($539 MSRP), PSA 10 WOTC/EX Holo($799 MSRP), VIP Box($799 MSRP) or a 2 PACKS, 1 BOX($799 MSRP)


All prices are in USD


To cancel a monthly subscription, email us

VIP Monthly Sub Box🔥

가격 옵션
Monthly VIP Box
$499.99(취소 전까지 매월 결제)
  • No returns will be accepted for subscription boxes. All prices are in US dollars.

    Orders typically take 7-10 days to ship. Based on high demand, orders can take up to 20 days to ship.

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